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Half to Have
The grand clock chimes.
And gruesome hands.
Tick their way.
Across your fate.
Reality does not wait.
But stops.
And thinks softly.
As the gruesome hands.
Tick their way.
To your demise.  
The temperature rises.
To the next degree.
As sweaty palms.
Lose your grip.
The blood trickles down the tower.
And collects at the bottom.
With each passing beat.
As the gruesome hands.
Tick their way.
Towards the end.
The heat fades away.
As the chills begin rushing up your shine.
And bricks of pressure.
Pound upon you.
Let the games begin.
:iconsoccerryle:Soccerryle 0 4
Yet Romantic.
I like it."
He spoke with a laugh.
So Subtle.
So Sweet.
As we curled up in our beds.
Phone in hands.
But it gets us where we need to be.
Right in each other ears.
As close as possible.
Join the conversation.
And scroll through propaganda on a red background.
Make a commitment.
And curl up.
A thousand miles.
From happiness.
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Who needs to sleep?
At night, the shadows lurk against the wall.
Stars dance and twirl against the purple, hazy sky.
And crickets chirp, echoing against each other's simultaneous sounds.
Who needs to eat?
Just feed off the innocence of the darkness.
Who needs to dream?
Just lean unto the tower of peaceful serenity.
Who needs to breathe?
Just inhale the silence.
:iconsoccerryle:Soccerryle 0 0
Plastic Parasite
Quick! Flip on the Blacklight!
Expose the truth.
Lemon Juice and Heat reveal years of remorse.
String-Attached hands mimic life.
But can't sense reality.
No vision.
No aromas.
No emotions.
The perfect paradise.
Health, peace, and happiness.
The ideal lifestyle.
Only desirable.
Their projections screened in theaters.
Even the third dimension spectacles can't provide the true feeling of serenity.
And chaos still manifests in every corner of the world.
Those submerged in fantasy
Can't breathe the true reality that is oxygen.
:iconsoccerryle:Soccerryle 0 0
The frozen tundra of our hearts
Crack with every step.
And the solid teardrops of angels
Stick to the bottoms of our spirits.
But threats still lurk at every corner.
Every window.
Every crevice.
Every vantage point we leave unaccounted for.
Take your pick.
They're never all truly being watched.
Board your windows.
But keep in mind, they'll still be pried at.
Slowly tearing away at any foundation left.
And the chilling air of the truth outside,
Does little to ease the pain.
The only warm circle in the house
Lies underneath the gaping hole in the ceiling.
As neon eyes peer throughout the darkness of the night,
And the camera flashes leave you stunned.
:iconsoccerryle:Soccerryle 0 0
The rush of soft graphite against her skin
Outlines her face.
Next her eyes,
filled with the bright blue hue of life,
And dreams, interlaced
Now imagine this, if you will
as she fades away.
Her skin grows light
and turns to white
leaving an eraser shaving bouquet  
Leaving pessimism behind,
I turn to try again.
Correct her figure,
Align her nose,
And hope you don't make mistakes.
:iconsoccerryle:Soccerryle 0 0
Describing Someone
I look to my right, and they stand tall.
I look to my left, and they ache in pain.
They stand beside hospital beds
For wounded soldiers, left for dead.
They mourn at graveyards everyday,
Dressed in black, for uniform grief.
Leaving all their sorrow
On their sleeves,
They stand beside those who have fallen
comforting those we rely on the most.
The human race is an amazing creation.
As no two seeds are identical.
Pain covers the battlefield,
Where we were planted.
Rooted deep in American pride,
We grow tall.
Let's only hope
Nationalism is in season.
:iconsoccerryle:Soccerryle 1 2
Black Knight
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,
Like when darkness prevails,
triumphant of hell.
Broken clocks  
Can't tell you time.
Covered mirrors,
Can't reflect the truth.
But even shattered glass
Fragments some honesty.
With gaps in between.
Where curiosity lingers.
:iconsoccerryle:Soccerryle 0 0
Neon Escape
This city's tainted
The looking glass is not so clear.
Havens have faded
The city lights are not so bright.
Doesn't really matter,
what you need to see.
Stop dead in your tracks,  
To wallow in misery.
Can't think anymore,
I've been hurt one too many times.
Can't wait to end up
Right where we belong.
:iconsoccerryle:Soccerryle 0 0
Neon Escape
This city's tainted
The looking glass is not so clear.
Havens have faded
The city lights are not so bright.
Doesn't really matter,
what you need to see.
Stop dead in your tracks,  
To wallow in misery.
Can't think anymore,
I've been hurt one too many times.
Can't wait to end up
Right where we belong.
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Zelda Skyward Sword Ch 1
Chapter 1: Early to Rise
In pitch darkness, a boy stood. His bright blue eyes glanced around, not sure as to where he was. Then, he saw the huge monster-like creature in front of him. As black as the darkness around it, it opened its maw, revealing several rows of sharp teeth, each as easily as tall as the boy. It let out a roar that shook the entire area.
The boy gasped loudly. Then he shielded his eyes, as a bright purplish light began to glow. A glowing orb appeared above the monster's head, and a voice began to speak.
Rise, Link… The time has come for you to awaken… You are fated to have a hand in a great destiny, and it will soon find you… The time has come for you to awaken…
The light vanished, and the monster let out another roar. Link cringed, closing his eyes. After a moment, it became silent. Then a strange noise was heard, almost like distant chirping. Link warily opened his eyes and looked around. When he turned back to th
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